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“BRICKLAYER” on white vinyl


The Chrome Bouquet is a culmination of Boston-based musician Andrew Sadoway’s experience as a drummer, arranger, and songwriter. Complemented by the talents of Jeremy Lee Given, Chris Mara, Tom Palmer, and Avi Paul Weinstein, TCB’s debut album, Bricklayer, is a celebration of the magic waiting to be found in the mundane.

Living in the age of the always-distracted audience, where self-importance on social media seems to be the key to success, everything feels exhausting. Did you ever dream of your day job? Are you doing what you love? Or working every day of your life? How much time per week do you dedicate to the people you love? How much time do you dedicate to the people you hate? Living among the cliches of contemporary culture, what do you find worthwhile?

Drawing influence from crooners like Johnny Mathis and Eddy Arnold, TCB’s deadpan vocal delivery laid atop jazzy chord movements helps us ponder this existential crisis. Listening to the Chrome Bouquet makes us wonder if, despite feelings of defeat, it might be ok to wade in the banality of the day-to-day.

The Chrome Bouquet

Vocals, Keyboard / Andrew Sadoway
Drums / Chris Mara
Guitar / Tom Palmer
Bass / Avi Paul Weinstein


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